Vykhino Multifunctional Transfer Hub
One of Moscow's most densely populated areas is home to the unique Vykhino Transfer Hub, coveted by locals for many years.
The building was intended to appear soaring above the North-Eastern Chord mainline, subway and railway platforms, akin to a huge whale. It functions as a bridge, linking Khlobystova and Krasniy Kazanets streets.
Address: Khlobystova, Krasniy Kazanets, Veshnyakovskaya Streets, Vykhino-Zhulebino District, South-Eastern Administrative District, Moscow
Total floor area: 75,590 m2
Height: 35 m
Stage: Space planning solutions
In collaboration with: High Architecture International (Tashkent)
In our opinion, the industrial vibe that the previous designers were aiming for would not work for this location. The architectural narrative's focus on tension and its somber tone were things we decided to do away with. The forest, the clouds, and the soaring whale are the primary visual themes we planned the building around.
The shape of the building is determined by that of the plot of land. The multipurpose hub's structure is designed to allow pedestrian flows from urban and suburban bus stops to pass through the shopping mall to the subway and railroad platforms, quickly and conveniently. The building's entrances are situated on Khlobystova and Krasniy Kazanets Street, where the buses arrive.
The proposed Vykhino multifunctional complex is made up of a concourse, a distribution hall that combines commercial space with transfer hub functionality, and a freestanding 10-story structure with 685 parking spaces. Thanks to the concourse's planning structure, the commercial area of the proposed object is conveniently connected to the infrastructure of the existing subway and railway platforms, as well as urban and suburban bus stops.
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