Urban Development Potential Assessment
near Filimonkovskoye and Marushkinskoye Settlements
The project envisions green corridors that will provide access to popular destinations, such as service facilities, sporting goods rentals, recreation areas, sports grounds, ecotourism destinations, campgrounds, etc. The accessibility and connectivity of all types of recreational areas serve as the foundational principle behind development planning.
The design plan entails building two pedestrian connection networks.
Address: Filimonkovskoe and Marushkinskoye settlements, near Kharyino, Burtsevo and Akinshino villages, New Moscow Administrative District, Moscow
Plot area: 2,931 ha
Total floor area: 6,790,000 m2
  • Schematic Design
  • Urban Design
Customer: Morton Group
Urban Development Potential Assessment near Filimonkovskoye and Marushkinskoye Settlements, Kharyino, Burtsevo and Akinshino Villages (New Moscow). Performed jointly with Moscow General Planning Research and Project Institute.
The first one (the riverside network) runs alongside the river valleys and creates a long recreational sector outside of the planned residential areas.
This network unites all the districts into a single structure by serving as a common framework.
The second network of connections, found within neighborhoods, starts inside the residential areas and links them to community centers, and also provides pedestrians with access to the river system, parks, and forested areas. Route intersections create squares and hotspots. The connections lead to the themed recreation areas at the edge of the forest. They give the forest life and transform it into a place for cultural recreation. There are trails for skiing, riding on horseback, and biking in the parks and forests. Some of the greenery is used for new parkland.
The standardized space between the woodland and residential areas is used as an adjoining area and includes:
 — sports grounds near the forest;
 — recreation areas for adults;
 — guest parking lots;
 — children’s playgrounds.
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