Tsaritsino. Lot 12
Many combinations of these three features will allow the city to achieve diversity. At the same time, the logic of applying each particular characteristic will depend on the surrounding context of the building's location. In this way, a unique atmosphere can be created for each particular microdistrict. Ten typologies of facade solutions for buildings have been developed for the Golyanovo district.
The main idea of the project is a mosaic. Instead of standardization, it is necessary to return diversity to the city, maintaining the integrity of the urban environment. And also, to move away from monumentality towards a greater "co-scale" with man.
The task of the project was to create a system that would simultaneously combine, in a paradoxical way, a variety of solutions and versatility, complexity and cost-effectiveness. Thus, three fundamental characteristics were proposed:
- the type of perforation of the facade solution,
- the material used,
- color.
Address: Amurskaya str. 1; microdistr. 1-2, 3, 4, 5, Golyanovo, Eastern Administrative Okrug, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Urban Design
  • Schematic Design of facades
  • Winner of the international competition
Collaboration with:
Petitdidierprioux Arhitectes
The project proposal is aimed at creating a new, individual, memorable image of Golyanovo district. The main task of the project was an attempt to bring a unique spirit to each microdistrict without losing the holistic sense of the city.
The Golyanovo territory planning project was developed. Then, within the context of the " Face of Renovation" competition, in collaboration with Petitdidierprioux Arсhitectes, a general concept of typologies of facade solutions for Lot 23 and Lot 12 was proposed.
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