Aalto residential complex
The word "aalto" means "wave" in Finnish; this emphasizes the building’s smooth, graceful curve. The architectural concept combines the best Scandinavian functionalism traditions with business-class housing standards.
The apartment building with a variable number of floors is placed on an elongated plot. The sections’ varied heights are due to insolation calculations, and the building is intentionally curved.
Address: 2a bldg. 1, Stariy Petrovsko-Razumovskiy Pass., Moscow, Russian Federation
Total floor area: 20,000 m2
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
In collaboration with: Alexey Ilin Architects
This method helped find answer to three challenges at once: the building looks dynamic, the long facade is not perceived as an endless wall, and, thanks to the building’s curvature, the plot still has a wide space for playgrounds and guest parking.
The white metal cassette and clinker tile façades match the surrounding development, represented mostly by white panel and brick houses.
Two materials are used on the long façades, and white metal is exclusively used on the ends.
The end of the 8-floor section is formed by variable-depth recessed balconies. This is the only façade that faces the main street, and the decision was made to highlight it through the use of bold relief.
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27 Yermolayevskiy Lane,

123001, Moscow