Preschool in the Rumyantsevo village
The number of floors in the building varies by section. The area with group rooms has 3 floors, the area with halls and the canteen comes with 2 floors.
The central area of the plot for the future residential complex features a kindergarten for 200 children.
Address: Rumyantsevo village, Moskovskiy settlement, Moscow, Russian Federation
Total area: 2,700 m2
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
Customer: Lexion Development LLC
Three volumes with ornamental pitched roofs stand out in the building's composition; these are the areas where the group rooms are located. The sports and music halls are housed in a two-story structure that stands out thanks to the tall windows with colorful frames.
The main concept behind façades is the use of the same finishing material on both the decorative sloping roof and the vertical surface of the walls. The building's fifth façade is created as a result. This choice is supported by the fact that people living in the 22-story buildings nearby will be seeing the kindergarten building from above. The ornamental pitched roof hides most of the ductwork and utility equipment. The cladding material of choice was metal panels with a diagonal layout.
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