Hyatt Hotel
This small hotel with 108 rooms and an underground parking lot is located close
to the Garden Ring. The surrounding area is heavily built-up, including both residential and non-residential buildings.
Address: 6 bldg 3 Grokholskiy Lane, Moscow, Russian Federation
Total area: 6,800 m2
Stage: Schematic Design
Customer: Lusine Concern JSC
In collaboration with: Alexey Ilin Architects
According to the insolation calculation, the volume of the building is configured optimally, which provides the occupants with comfortable and convenient lighting. In addition to a green roof for various events, this provides for three green terraces that hotel guests can access directly from their rooms and hotel lobbies.
The hotel offers administrative offices, a business center, a restaurant, a gym, and other amenities. The layout makes the most sensible use of the available interior space for room stock.
Most of the nearby buildings are designed in the Stalinist architectural style. The solutions for the façade are conditioned by the surrounding environment, including the Hyatt hotel-specific natural materials used for finishing and the regular rhythm of the window openings. Perforated brick tiles, metal accents, and natural stone are all used to finish the façades. The entrance and first floor are oriented towards the main entrance.
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27 bldg. Yermolayevskiy Lane,

123001, Moscow