Residential building with underground parking lot on the Karamyshevskaya Embankment
The upper portion of the building has a two-layered façade facing the river. Wire mesh is draped over it as the second layer, resembling a veil. According to the architect, they drew inspiration for the building's shape and façade from a light scarf dropped by a stunning woman who was sailing by down the river. The mesh's surface is folded. Due to the façade's complex topography and transparency, each window slope has a unique shape, making the building's appearance intriguing and diverse.
The building is situated on the Moskva River's green waterfront and offers first-rate views from the apartments that face the water. It can be seen from the Karamyshevskiy Bridge and floodgates on the opposite riverbank.
Address: 37 Karamyshevskaya Embankment, Moscow, Russian Federation
Total area: 9,300 m2
Customer: Vostok Development LLC
Stage: Schematic Design
The building's location within the green belt has a direct bearing on the concept of its architectural form. The structure is divided into two parts: the upper, a volume of whiteness with cantilevered eaves that gives the impression of floating above the surrounding greenery, and the lower, surrounded by vegetation. Tiles made of clinker line the lower portion of the façade. A floor with panoramic glazing recessed one meter into the building sits between the lower and upper volumes.
The building’s curvature was designed with a purpose: it allows for better insolation of the apartments, helps meet fire safety regulations, and enhances the view from the windows. Designated fire engine spots were set up, since it was impossible to arrange a circular path for firefighting equipment due to the narrowness of the plot. Thanks to the building’s curved shape, they were positioned in a way that allows full access to firefighting equipment along the entire perimeter.
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