Residential Building on Gorbunova Street
There are plans for new public and residential development on the plot. The spatial concept calls for the creation of an L-shaped block made up of two volumes with a varied floor count, connected at the first floor level by a stylobate.
Alternative version
A supermarket with a loading zone and small attached non-residential spaces are located on the first floor.
The project includes a two-level parking garage with enough spaces to provide for both long-term and short-term needs of the residents.
Address: 1 Gorbunova Str., Western Administrative District, Moscow
Total area: 48,700 м2
Height: 120 m
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
Customer: OSNOVA Group JSC
Expressive relief is used in façade solutions to simulate fluid dynamics. While traveling along the Moscow Ring Road and observing the façades, a new picture is constantly being painted as a result of the shifting perspective.
The glazing of the façades is given special consideration; it increases in size and becomes panoramic to match the relief and views of the Moskvorechye natural and historical park.
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