Russian Academy of Motorsports
The complex provides all the necessary conditions for the training and education of young athletes, including accommodation during the seasonal stay. The complex offers its visitors a comfortable place to live, so they can train and unwind equally well.
The First Russian Academy of Motorsports serves as an incubator of sorts for aspiring athletes. The project's main purpose is to integrate the theory and practice in learning into a single complex. The facility is designed for top A class competitions, including Russian and international tournaments, and complies with CIK-FIA (International Karting Commission, International Automobile Federation) specifications.
Address: Mikhalyovo village, Bolsherogachyovskoe Rural Settlement, Dmitrov District, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
Total area: 25,700 m2
Plot area: 8.4 ha
  • Urban Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
A landscaped area boasting a striking pattern of paving and greenery, as well as hardscaping objects in the form of awnings and benches, houses stylish three-story hotel buildings with pitched roofs, a fitness and health center, a car showroom, and the carting track building.
The dynamic, glow-in-the-dark horizontal lamellae of the car showroom, resembling night headlight traces, the ubiquitous glass and metal, and the modern minimalistic loft-style architecture all combine to create a harmonious look fully consistent with the complex's overarching idea and purpose.
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27 bldg. Yermolayevskiy Lane,

123001, Moscow