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Hotel complex on the street. Nametkin
The landscape concept is based on natural forms of liquids and their chemical reactions. It originates from the name of the great Russian scientist Sergey Semenovich Nametkin in the name of the street.
His experiments with substances and properties of materials, flowing liquids and play of colors served as the main idea for the concept of landscaping.
The landscape of the complex symbolizes the pattern of oil patterns. The curved shapes of the pavements link the entire area and the different areas for play and relaxation into a single living structure.
The facade and landscape solutions were made in collaboration with the Dutch company Mecanoo. The spatial concept develops the orthogonal planning structure of the area. The four hotel buildings are arranged perpendicularly to the central core, forming compact yard space with different functional purpose. At the same time, an urban front of development is created along the street.
The address: Nametkina str. 10, Moscow, Russian Federation
Total area: 180,2 тыс. м2
Height: 100м
  • Architectural and urban planning solution
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Customer: АО ГК Основа
Collaboration with: Mecanoo
The facade solutions also support the oil theme. The partitions between the windows are in the form of pipes of different diameters, the architecture of which is inspired by oil pipelines. The structure of the facades of the four volumes alternates, thus creating diversity within the complex. The final touch is the picturesque relief on the two ends of the building, with a gradient enlargement of the bay window consoles in the upper part, proposed by Mecanoo.
Creating a comfortable environment inside the complex was an important task of the concept. It is achieved by balancing the natural forms of the courtyard area with the straight lines of the architecture.
In the central part of the courtyard a relief is formed in the form of hills with additional landscaping. Each area of the territory is occupied by different functions for residents' recreation.
On the roof of the 24 floors there are landscaped terraces with promenade areas, restaurants, a summer cinema, a children's play area, as well as yoga and lounge areas.
The landscape concept of the roof meets the following objectives: zoning of the space with the help of landscape elements, organization of a comfortable public environment with different functional content (exteriors are a logical continuation of the interiors).
All parts of the landscape concept are aimed at creating an environment that can inspire, be a place of meeting or solitude, as well as an active pastime for both adult and child user groups
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