North Tushino
The proposed apartment buildings range in height from 30 to 60 meters. The Geroyev Panfilovtsev street is where the majority of the block’s dominant towers, some of which rise to a height of 85 meters, are concentrated, giving the development a notable sculptural silhouette.
Address: Microdistrict 5, North Tushino District, Moscow
Plot area: 62.7 ha
Stage: Urban Design
Customer: Moscow General Planning Research and Project Institute
Along the street-facing frontage of developments and intra-block passages, public spaces are organized as pedestrian-only zones and service areas for the general public. There are landscaped areas with walking paths and recreation grounds in the sector of intra-block passages. The courtyards don’t have any parking spots.
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27 Yermolayevskiy Lane,

123001, Moscow