Russia Park
A world-class cultural and amusement park for the whole family, Russia Park is a miniature version of the entire country, complete with all of its attractions. It includes a theme park that resembles a scaled-down country; a safari park with animals living in their natural habitats; an adventure park where guests can test their own limits; an amusement park with rides, rich dining and lodging options, and other related amenities. The park gives each region a special opportunity to embody its natural, cultural, and technological features that are unique but can be simulated to a certain extent.
Address: Serpukhov District, Moscow Region
Area: 100 ha
Stage: Schematic Design
Customer: Russia Park Directorate, State Budget Institution of Moscow Region
The country’s physical map serves as the framework for the Russia Park’s draft master plan; the project is meant to resemble a miniature version of it.
The layout of the objects the designers have suggested follows a balanced structure. It includes scaled-down copies of architectural landmarks, theatrical scenes recreating historical battles, dining options conveying the flavors of regional cuisine and hospitality, geographical objects turned into amusement rides, and much more.
The park’s layout allows visitors to experience each of Russia’s climate zones, take in the country’s diverse natural beauty, climb to the top of the Ural Mountains, and view the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka.
The plan’s development process involves each region. The locations of the representative pavilions are determined by the Russian Federation’s administrative structure. Visitors will gain a better understanding of Russia’s geography and cultural scope as well as the diversity of settlement patterns across the vast expanses of our country thanks to this planning solution. By letting the visitors essentially walk across a map of Russia, we can accurately familiarize them with our country’s natural, climatic, and geographic features.
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