Buninskaya, Shipilovskaya, Orekhovo, Gorchakova, Ushakova, Skobelevskaya, Kantemirovskaya
A network of transport interchange hubs is being built in Moscow and the surrounding area, with 255 hubs in the city proper (90 subway stations, 31 Small Railroad Ring stations, and 42 Russian Railways stations), and another 300 in the Moscow Region.
Address: Moscow, Buninskaya Alley, Admiral Ushakov Boulevard, Skobelevskaya Street, Gorchakova Street, South Butovo District, South-Western Administrative District; Shipilovskaya Street, Zyablikovo District, Southern Administrative District; Shipilovskiy Passage, North Orekhovo-Borisovo District, Southern Administrative District; Proletarskiy Avenue, Tsaritsyno District, Southern Administrative District
Plot area: 112 ha
Stage: Urban Design
Customer: NAI Becar
Project 2018 has been actively involved in the development of the plan for the design and building of Moscow's transport interchange hubs since its inception.
The following transport interchange hubs were designed and approved between 2014 and 2016 at the request of MOSGORTRANSNIIPROEKT and MOSKOVSKIY METROPOLITEN: Buninskaya Alley, Skobelevskaya Street, Admirala Ushakova Boulevard, Gorchakova Street, Orekhovo and Shipilovskaya.
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