Residential Development Project near Kozino and Nefedyevo Villages
The project's goal was to examine the planning requirements for the area's urban development, with consideration for the surroundings.
Address: near Kozino and Nefedyevo Villages, Nakhabino Urban Settlement, Krasnogorsk Municipal District, Moscow Region
Total floor area: 1,057,000 m2
Stage: Schematic Design
Customer: Uralsib
The first phase of the development, already in place and currently being built nearby, is accounted for as much as possible in the planning solution. Small, self-contained blocks make up house clusters, each with a courtyard.

The Pyatnitskoye Highway's backup lane is connected to the neighborhood areas via the main streets. Public buildings and garages are situated on either side of the main entrance. A shopping mall, entertainment complex, and technopark act as buffers along the power line and cemetery.

A well-landscaped waterfront with themed points of interest is accessible via pedestrian boulevards. The development appears less crowded thanks to communal facility spaces and minor squares; every neighborhood has easy access to the recreation area.

Due to the topmost levels' neutral design, façade solutions suggest a visually reduced number of floors.
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