Technopark near Chashnikovo Village
Independent functional and planning formations (lots) are distributed following the urban design plan, with the option of further sale or rental. Each lot has a unique trait or feature that defines it. Regardless of their intended use, all sites (lots), ranging between two and three stories high, are to be placed along the perimeter of the technopark, creating a sort of street-facing façade.
Address: near Chashnikovo Village, Peshkovskoye Rural Settlement, Solnechnogorsk District, Moscow Region
Total floor area: 1,232,000 m2
Stage: Schematic Design
A shopping and entertainment complex with public space is to face the ponds for commercial fishing, and the main façade will overlook the Leningradskoye Highway, according to the functional zoning project oriented from north to south. An area with R&D, industrial, and warehouse buildings follows.
The area for office, exhibition, and office buildings merges with the existing woodland. The shopping and entertainment complex completes the functional and planning axis.
It is suggested to build a public sports complex at the entrance to the Lisichkin Les village to act as a buffer between residential and industrial areas.
A pond within the design project’s limits is located in the middle part of the eastern boundary. The plan envisions creating a public and business development zone oriented toward the Leningradskoye Highway. This allows highlighting the congress center/mini-expo public and business development zone.
The main entrance to the area is envisioned in the north in the transportation plan. A shopping and entertainment complex and a truck parking area for the entire technopolis are located at the entrance. The main street of Technopolis, toward which all of the façades of the proposed buildings are oriented, is available to passenger cars.
This results in a sensible planning solution, a unified transportation plan, and an integrated strategy for the area’s sustainable development.
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