Rumyantsevo Park residential complex
The placement of the buildings' residential section gives the plot the feel of a private area with walking paths and playgrounds. The main front of the façade along Rodnikovaya Street creates a closed courtyard. Artificial relief is used in a bid to lessen the negative effects of traffic and create a comfortable courtyard space along the passageway between the buildings.
The project's primary goals included preserving the landscape's existing aesthetics, replicating Rodnikovaya Street's geometry, minimizing the detrimental effects of traffic, and enhancing resident comfort. A separation between the residential area and the public space was also necessary.
Address: Rumyantsevo Village, Moscow, Russian Federation
Total area: 430,000 m2
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
Customer: Lexion Development LLC
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27 Yermolayevskiy Lane,

123001, Moscow