Residential Development Project near Serednyovo Village
The area in New Moscow close to the Vnukovo airport consists of two plots. It is surrounded by summer retreat communities and woodland, with a park area in the middle.
Address: Filimonkovskoe settlement, near Golenischevo and Serednyovo villages, New Moscow Administrative District, Moscow
Plot area: 224.6 ha
Total floor area: 2,264,000 m2
  • Schematic Design
  • Urban Design
Customer: Morton Group
The object’s primary purpose is residential development.
The primary functions include residential development with schools, as well as a multipurpose public space (Aerocluster; Pharmaceutical, and IT cluster) with a central administrative hub.
The plan suggests a distinct urban structure connecting existing approaches to the riverfront, parklands, developing public spaces and important transportation hubs. The lower non-residential floors and important public infrastructure hubs are located along the pedestrian route axis. The development’s height rises from 9 stories in the immediate vicinity of existing buildings to 16 stories in the residential part and up to 25 stories in the non-residential sector. The plan accounts for the topography and existing low-rise development.
In the western portion of the region close to the existing development, along the new highway of urban importance, distinct clusters are being formed, combining new jobs with good transportation accessibility. Landscaped parklands with a school, a sports complex, a kindergarten, and a church are located between the two neighborhoods. The skatepark, ice rink, neighborhood administration, shopping hub, and city squares are all situated along pedestrian areas that are oriented in this direction. The neighborhood development that is taking shape consists of distinct residential clusters connected by car-free courtyards and adjacent to pedestrian and transport infrastructure
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