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Residential building in Tsaritsyno
To make the facade dynamic, double zigzag cornices at a distance from each other, which form a slot, with alternating protrusions / depressions, and vertical pylons on the outset, made of metal cassettes on sliding facade brackets.
The complex of buildings belongs to the representative fragment of type 09 - these are linear blocks, facing the main street. This type of house with a horizontal partitioning of the facades, which is expressed by a combination of calm straight protrusions to solve some blocks and a more rhythmic version with zigzag protrusions for others.
The typology of the residential building was developed as the second stage after winning the competition "Image of Renovation" for the concept of facades in the Tsaritsyno district. The competition was won jointly with Petitdidierprioux Arhitectes, who further acted as a consultant during the initial stage of developing the detailed faсade concept of the residential building, after which the basic idea was revised, modified and refined.
The facades of the projected buildings face the principal traffic flows for the area. Characteristic of them is the use of more durable materials - brick and metal. By combining the matt textured surface of the terracotta panels and the smooth finish of the metal panels, the effect of the contrasting textures is achieved.
Address: Tsaritsyno residential quarters 1, 4, 14, 14b, zone 1.1, Southern Administrative Okrug Moscow, Russian Federation
Total area: 48, 7000 m2
  • Schematic Design of facades
  • Winner of the international competition
Collaboration with:
Petitdidierprioux Arhitectes
The goal of the first stage of the competition was to propose a unified principle for the creation of individual architecture. The most important goal was to give the resident back the opportunity to identify with his or her home by giving it unique features, and at the same time to create a comprehensive solution that, for all its diversity, would lie harmoniously on a common basis.
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