University near Chelobityevo village
A concept developed for this project serves to accommodate the university's campus, mixed-use buildings, faculty housing, and athletic infrastructure.
Address: Chelobityevo village, Mytishchi, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
Total area: 228,800 m2
Stage: Schematic Design
Customer: Ingrad PJSC
In collaboration with: HIGHLIGHT ARCHITECTURE
The area's center is best suited to house a dominant feature like a university, since it sits at the intersection of major traffic and pedestrian directions.
A recreation area is being developed around the rental center's pond; it ends with the structure housing the convention center. A spacious passage with a canopy to protect pedestrians from inclement weather also leads there.
Some students arriving from the Ostashkovskoye Highway and the proposed Chelobityevo station will have the option to switch to an alternate mode of transportation on campus, particularly bicycles and electric vehicles.
For this purpose, flat parking is available in the communal area alongside the proposed passage, as well as a 200-car multi-level garage next to the community center, with the option to rent bicycles, electric scooters, and other environmentally sound modes of transportation.
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