Low-Rise Development in Nizhneye Valuyevo Village
Address: : Filimonkovskoe settlement, near Nizhneye Valuyevo village, New Moscow Administrative District, Moscow
Total floor area: 220,000 m2
Stage: Schematic Design
Customer: AllianceInvestStroy LLC
The project site is situated between the Nizhneye Valuyevo village in the east and the woodland in the west. The estate Valuyevo is nearby on the other side of the river Likovka; the mansion with its wings and outbuildings has been preserved. There is a linden park with a cascade of ponds, grottos, and pavilions on the slope that leads down to the river.
Height limitations are imposed by the estate’s proximity, which has a significant impact on the area’s appearance. The bulk of the plot is located in the area where the estate and the planned development can be seen from each other. A portion of the plot is in the regulated development zone.
A boulevard stitching together two circular green squares serves as the area’s primary axis. Buildings closer to the boulevard are larger and longer, while those farther from the boulevard are smaller and freestanding. Thus, their scale corresponds to the axis. Near the perimeter, the development approaches the scale of single-family houses.
Residential structures are arranged in conventional, small blocks, following pre-revolutionary urban planning patterns.
The topography, plot shape, and surroundings all have an impact on the road grid, which results in plots of various sizes and shapes. Detached buildings resembling the typical development of a provincial town in scale and proportion make up the blocks. According to the landscape analysis requirements, the number of stories rises from 2 to 5 from the southeast to the northwest, with the courtyards opening up towards the forest.
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