Residential building in the Central Administrative Okrug
Address: Central Administrative Okrug, Moscow, Russian Federation
Total area: 2,800 m2
Stage: Schematic Design
The building is situated within Moscow's historical downtown, in a peaceful green courtyard next to the Moskva River's embankment, just a short stroll away from the closest metro station.
The objective was to make the apartment building blend seamlessly into the neighborhood, maintaining its coherence. To that end, the house was designed to be as tall as its surroundings, and the natural stone used to line the façade matches the hue used in the nearby buildings. In a bid to create a uniform architectural solution, the façade's pattern ties in with that of the adjacent apartment building.
With cornices and orderly partitioning, the classical version visually carries over the façade of the adjacent apartment building. On top of that, it shares a similar aesthetic with the I.V. Zholtovskiy house, another nearby cultural heritage site.
In the modern version, the main end façade facing the street boasts an orderly pattern that blends in with the neighborhood's historical and architectural aesthetic. The façade facing the courtyard offers a dynamic change from the regular rectangular pillars to pointed trapezoidal ones, tilted at different angles vertically, like scales, for an extra wave-like aesthetic.
The building complied with all fire regulations despite the small size of the plot and proximity to the neighboring residential building. The first floor comes with rentable space, where a café can be established. Floors from 2nd to 6th, sharing a typical layout, feature two 110-sq.m apartments each, with the option to join them. The penthouses occupy the 7th and 8th floors. Every apartment has a kitchen/living room that overlooks either the church or apartment building, both local cultural landmarks. All residential rooms face the peaceful courtyard. In order to save as much of the façade's light front for the apartments, the stair/elevator lobby is situated on the east side, at the intersection with the adjacent building. The double-stacked automated parking system under the building can accommodate up to 18 cars.
Two types of façades are available: modern, designed to complement adjacent recent buildings, and classical, made to match the style of nearby cultural heritage sites.
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